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What will you get?

  • Grade level Mathematics Assessment from the California Department of Education
  • Writing evaluation
  • Full consultation and recommendation from assessment
  • Identification of Short Term and Long Term ELA and Math Goals
  • Focus on key areas in Math, English, Language Arts, or Science
  • All Grade Levels



Gain an Academic Advantage with A+ Tutoring


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Who we are

A+ Tutoring has been providing private 1 on 1 and small group tutoring sessions to students since 2010. Our company was started by Roman Slavinsky when he was working as a Middle School Science Teacher at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, CA in 2010.

We believe that every student learns in their own way, and with a little bit of 1 on 1 attention, academic challenges get conquered. We promise to CARE for your child's education and well being. What does it mean to CARE? With A+ Tutoring, it means that when working with us you will receive:

    • Caring teacher who promotes a desire for learning in your child
    • Accountability for your child. We believe everyone should be held accountable.
    • Resourcefulness in explaining things. Everyone learns differently.
    • Educators that know what rigor and expectations are and can accurately provide feedback